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Your One-Stop Solution to Success with LinkedIn 

 Know what the #1 thing is that separates those who are successful with LinkedIn compared to those who aren't?...IMPLEMENTATION! 

Training alone will not make you successful with LinkedIn. You must IMPLEMENT the training. The LinkedIn Ninja Dojo is a combination of training, systems, and community for those wanting to successfully USE LinkedIn for sales and business development.

The Dojo includes 3 LIVE TRAINING sessions per month, an ever-growing library of on-demand training content, and an interactive community where you can get help directly from The LinkedIn Ninja and other ninjas in training all month long. Dojo members are committed to action; not just learning. Daily application of the strategies and tactics shared in the Dojo when added to solid sales and relationship skills will produce opportunities to exponentially grow your revenue.

The LinkedIn Ninja focuses on leveraging relationships and information to help you identify, get visible to, and connect to your perfect prospects so that your LinkedIn activity and sales efforts are targeted only on those who will generate results.


As a Member, you have access to:

  • monthly members-only live group hot seat coaching sessions. ($300/month)a Library of recorded LinkedIn training webinars, past Ask The LinkedIn Ninja recordings, free guides and templates, and much more! (Value: $1500)
  • monthly live Ask the LinkedIn Ninja training session every month. (Value: $300/year)
  • monthly live LinkedIn Strategy Workshops
  • the exact training and instructions on how to implement my LinkedIn Ninja Lead Generation System. (Value: $1000)
  • the Baby Stepping System if the full system is a little too overwhelming. (Value: $100)
  • the Private, Members Only LinkedIn Group to ask questions any time. (Value $500)
  • The LinkedIn Ninja herself! (Value: Priceless!)
  • deep discount rate to get 1:1 coaching/strategy sessions with me (normally $297/hr. members rate $157/hr.)

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Payment is required to start the strategy and/or profile service. In order to qualify for the discount for the profile add-on, the profile must be purchased at the same time as the strategy or before work begins on the strategy.

Once work begins on the strategy, profile, or White Glove Transfer, there are no refunds. We will continue working on the project until you are satisfied with the results pertaining to what is within the control of LinkedIn Ninja. Changes to the LinkedIn platform, features, services, etc. that are outside the LinkedIn Ninja’s control are not grounds for a refund in developing your LinkedIn strategy or profile.

When/If working with SocialBee to implement your LinkedIn Strategy, their terms of service govern all of the activity related to their service. The LinkedIn Ninja is not responsible for or liable for any disputes related to their delivery of their service or payments to SocialBee. SocialBee offers a 30-day money back guarantee. Their concierge service packages are month-to-month and do not require any contract.

LinkedIn Ninja will need access to your personal account and login information if the White Glove Transfer has been purchased as will the SocialBee team if you are using their NinjaBee services. It is important to note that it is technically against LinkedIn’s terms of service to allow other people to log into your account. We take protective measures through the use of a randomly generated IP address via a VPN server placed as close to your actual location as possible. Should LinkedIn inquire, this VPN is regularly used by people a precaution to protect their computers when connecting to public wifi. While the risk is minimal (they are more likely to cancel my and my staff’s LinkedIn accounts if they were to notice it), the risk does exist, and I believe you need to be aware of it. We have never had a client’s account put in jeopardy or cancelled as a result of working with LinkedIn Ninja. However, we are not financially liable for the restriction or cancellation of your LinkedIn account; you and your employees enter into this arrangement at your own risk. Should your LinkedIn account become permanently restricted or cancelled, this contract will cancel with no further financial obligation from either party.

Any significant changes to the scope or direction of the proposal detailed herein will require a revised quote, to be approved by the client before work can proceed further.

LinkedIn can make unannounced changes that can affect our ability to implement these strategies (if working with the NinjaBee team). Should our people be prevented from implementing the service as a result of a change made by LinkedIn and we cannot identify a method to continue or modify the tactics, this contract will be modified or cancelled with no further financial obligation from the client and no service obligation from LinkedIn Ninja.

All relevant guidance, data, copy, and content will be delivered by the client on time and as needed by LinkedIn Ninja to meet its budget and deadline obligations. If not delivered on time, then the project launch may be delayed. If work is delayed for any reason, deadlines (and budget if required) might adjust accordingly.

Copyright and ownership for all materials purchased or produced on behalf of the client for the project herein will transfer automatically to the client upon its payment in full of all outstanding invoices.

LinkedIn Ninja retains the right to display any work created on behalf of the client or anonymous results generated for the client for the purpose of education or self‐promotion only. However, strategic details will not be shared with any outside group.

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